Felt Clothing – Why Make You Love it So Much

If you open your wardrobe, the chances are you will find dozens of different items inside. But do you have any clothing made of felt clothing?

Felt was once the primary clothing material for millions of people. Today, it is an important part of the style of many people throughout the world.

In this article, we will reveal more about felt clothing. You will get to know the specifics of the material, clothing pieces you can make from it, and why you should wear felt!

Felt hat and clothes hanged

Chapter 1.  What Is Felt?

Wool felt balls in various colors

Felt is a type of textile that you get from fibers that manufacturers need to matt, condense, and press together.

You have two main sources of fibers for felt:

  • Natural – these fibers come from the wool of a sheep or another animal. In some cases, the origin may also be animal fur.
  • Synthetic – these are artificial fibers, such as wood pulp-based rayon or acrylic.

It is worth noting that felt can also feature a mixture of natural and artificial materials.

Do you know that you have used felt before the millennium? Its origin is probably Asia, and you can still find nomads in the central region of this continent wearing and designing felt items.

In the meantime, it felt spread as a material throughout the world. People are using it throughout many industries, including automotive, music, and fashion.

We will be focusing on the last because we will be discussing the advantages of felt clothing. Keep reading to find out the reasons why you should start wearing felt items today!       


Chapter 2.  Warmth and Insulation

Felt hat and warm clothes

Do you know why felt was the favorite material of people who lived centuries ago? It was because it provided the necessary warmth during cold weather.

Felt is a weather-resistant textile, and it is capable of providing you warmth when you need it. If you are cold and put on a felt sweater, you will feel warmer in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to admirable insulation, you can also use felt to keep yourself warm, but comfortable. It is a breathable material, especially if you choose natural fibers. That means it doesn’t only keep you warm, but it is also resistant to sweat.

Unlike synthetic materials that are prone to keeping moisture, felt can remain sweat-free, which makes it perfect for the situations when you need to stay in the same clothing for hours.  


Chapter 3.  Excellent for Everyday Wear

Felt hat and beige sweater worn by a beautiful woman

Are you at home for the weekend, and you don’t have any plans? A felt sweater can be a perfect choice to be warm and comfortable throughout the day, and especially in the evening.

If you are heading out, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take that sweater with you. Does it match the rest of your combination? If it suits the style and colors you selected at the moment. The felt it is an amazing choice for casual wear.

And while we are on the topic, let’s go beyond felt clothing. How about wearing a felt bag? It is the perfect way to accommodate all your things, and look stylish. If you are going for a walk or going to the store, you can put everything in the bag. That combines the two most important elements of any object – aesthetics, and functionality.

Other felt clothing pieces, such as a hat or cap, can be an excellent choice for casual wear. You can also feel free to stitch various details to your felt clothing. For example, give a personalized touch to your bag by adding a butterfly, or a Capricorn, if that is your horoscope sign.


Chapter 4.  Suitable for Formal Events

Felt formal clothes on a pile

You now know that felt clothing can easily fit your everyday outfit, but what if you have a formal event tonight? The truth is that you need to be a bit more careful, but felt items can be an amazing fit for formal occasions, too.

Did you know that people used to wear felt hats as a piece of luxury? If you had a hat made of felt, you were considered a member of the upper class. Today, a felt hat can consider luxurious, too, but it will need to fit the rest of your outfit.

If you are wearing a jacket or a tuxedo, the math is simple. The only thing you need to ensure is that it matches when it comes to colors. If you feel courageous enough, and it fits your style, you can add personalized touches to do that.

You can also wear felt jackets or sweaters, or at least patches on elbows made of the felt. The choice is yours, but our point is that felt can work equally well in everyday clothing pieces, and as a part of your formal wardrobe.


Chapter 5.  Design Your Clothes

Wool felt handmade clothes

Do you know what the best part about felt clothing is? It is the fact that you can make it yourself! Creative people will love that, as well as those who can’t find the clothing piece they want anywhere. If you don’t have where to buy it, how about making it?

The felt making craft is not that demanding. However, it will take a bit of skill to be able to handle complicated tasks, especially when it comes to clothing items. That is why you may want to consider starting with felt bag projects.

You can easily make a bag even if you are a beginner. Furthermore, it is the perfect family-friendly activity that you can enjoy with your children. Imagine the opportunity to design a matching felt bag or hat with your child!

Once you get skilled enough, you should be able to make other felt clothing pieces, too. Not only that will allow you to express yourself as a designer, but you can create any clothing item you imagine. Instead of going from one store to another looking for a particular design, you can make it yourself in an afternoon!


Chapter 6.  Extremely Durable and Fray-Resistant

Felt pieces piled up

Every time you purchase (or make) a felt clothing piece, you will be making a long-term investment. That is because felt is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. Even if you wear it every day, then chances are you won’t see any fraying.

Felt is also very durable and resilient. You can compress the material hundreds of times, and it won’t deform, which is quite impressive. That is the reason why felt is so versatile and used throughout many different industries.

You probably know that cut edges are the ones that often fray in clothing items. This is not the case for very durable felts. And the best part is that it is true for the felt of all classes or types. As long as you obtain unique felt, you can rest assured that fraying won’t be an issue.


Chapter 7.  Affordable and Inexpensive

Placing a dollar in a jar named budget

Here is another amazing thing you should know about the felt – it is an affordable material! If you are buying felt clothing in designer stores, the chances are it may be a bit pricey. However, the general rule is that felt is more affordable than other materials.

And you should be aware that you can save some money by purchasing the material, and making the clothes yourself! You can purchase felt of different quality, origin, and colors online. As we mentioned, you should always go with natural wool felt since it is most comfortable for wearing.

Since you can buy loads of materials, you can mix and match them as you see fit. That will allow you to design clothing of various colors, and have a suitable option for every opportunity.


Chapter 8.  An Eco-Friendly Solution

Heart made of plants with human handsWe already established that felt can be either human-made or obtained from a natural source. If you go with the latter option, you will ensure that you used an eco-friendly solution!

The manufacturers get the felt from the wool. Although there are other animals, we are using sheep’s wool in most cases. Many farmers grow sheep for this particular reason.

Once the sheep grows its wool, the farmer removes it by using a process that is safe for the animal. The sheep are not in danger in a single moment. You also shouldn’t worry that it will remain without its wool because it will grow back! Wool is to a sheep what hair is to humans. These animals constantly grow it, and removing the wool is like they visited a hairdresser.

If you are among the people who care about our planet, you can’t go wrong with wool felt. It is a natural and sustainable material that has been the primary choice of millions through the ages.



Have we convinced you that you should wear felt clothing? If you don’t have a single felt item in your wardrobe, perhaps it is time to start building your collection!

You can start slowly – purchase a sweater and test its warmth, or express creativity and design a useful bag you can carry around. As soon as you see the felt’s versatility and attractiveness, it will become your favorite clothing material!

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